Click here to sign up for James & Leigh Comment Sold!

Comment Sold is our new way to shop on James & Leigh's social media accounts, including Instagram, Facebook Page and our VIP Facebook Group. It is similar to our old Social Shopping system, but now you will be able to have your orders automatically charged, or you can pay for your order through invoice within 12 hours using your credit card or PayPal account. You'll also have an account you can log into to view the items you've ordered. 

Comment Sold Step by Step:

1. Visit You will be prompted to sign up for James & Leigh's Comment Sold via Facebook or Instagram. Use the platform you plan to shop on (or register on both). 

2. Once you have signed in through Facebook or Instagram, update your address. From your account at, you will be able to view items you've commented on, as well as view a Waitlist of items that were not in stock. 

3. Once you see an item you'd like to purchase, comment [sold size] on the produce. The size options will always be listed in the item description, so comment with the size the same way it is listed in the item description. 

4. The first time you make a Comment Sold purchase, visit to pay for your item (you'll have 12 hours). Once you have made your first purchase, you can log into your account at to enable "Comment Charge" which will automatically charge your card on file when you comment on a photo.